March 14, 2024

# Team Flynn For The Win

I have been asked a few times now either by family and friends or those online in comments, Who is Pat and why are you always talking about him? So this post is dubbed the Why Pat Flynn? Because there is no real short answer that I can give really because if I tried to just say for example Pat Flynn is F'n Awesome and leave it at that you'd still be going what the hell does that have to do with who he is and why you talk about him getting furious that I didn't give more details so buckle up it time for a trip back to the future.

I had heard the name but never seen anything and I never bothered searching. But on March 16th 2020, I discovered a live stream on YouTube on the homepage that showed Pat in a livestream so I hoped in to listen and see what was getting discussed and wether or not it was going to be something I was interested in watching further. Needless to say here we are 4 years later and I'm doing this article.

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That day Pat was testing out new gear and answering questions. Then, before you knew it, the stream was over, but the nice part was he continued every day for a year straight. I was one of the few who did our best to be at every single stream, taking in the gold nuggets of knowledge, advice, and insights into a variety of different topics. Pat even started playing games during the stream, not like board games or boring guessing games but off-the-wall stuff that most people would be embarrassed to consider playing with family, like "Watch Yo Mouth", "This or That", and many, many others.

Then Pat started giving out his books and other prizes, and because of the lockdowns, Pat gave many of us free access to one of his courses, Smart From Scratch. Over the year, he answered thousands of questions for those in the live streams. He has office hours every week, and as a student in his courses or a community member, you can ask questions live weekly.


Pat has answered tons of my questions and given guidance on what he thinks is the best route to take and how to do it. Now, of course, there are things he can't give advice on, like finances specifically, but he could give his opinion and what he might do in a situation or similar one he had experienced himself.  

Since then, I have attended countless webinars and completed all of his courses, which have taught me a lot more and given me way more insight, ideas, knowledge, and tools to further help me serve my community (You). This is why I have been hard at work on the different YouTube channels and social media, sharing information and keeping you updated on the latest I'm working on.

Had it not been for mutual associations with Nick & Dee Nimmin, Roberto Blake & Dan Currier, mentioning Pat I may not have heard about Pat except in a news interview potentially. 

Because of that, I consider them my friends and mentors, and I have also made friends with others in their communities. 

It is thanks to them and Pat that I was encouraged and supported to take the leap of faith to get off disability and earn my own income again to regain my freedom. As you already know, a low fixed income is a real struggle.


They listened and empathized with the struggle of being legally blind and on disability. They showed me more ways to use the skills I already had and how to hone and develop them more.  I have gotten to a point where I literally ask myself, WWPD? (What Would Pat Do)

Then I make a note of it, then I ask Pat himself during office hours, and you know what's funny? Nine chances out of 10, I am right. Why? Because I have been to so many of the various workshops, webinars, live streams, and office hours and taken in so many nuggets of gold that Pat has given, I can practically answer most of the questions asked on a regular basis with either Pat's specific recommendation or my own variation, depending on the situation. 

That is why I'm developing my own courses, webinars and services that will be launching in the near future.  Not that I'm copying Pat, but using the further knowledge gained from him to share my overall knowledge between my own experience and what I've learned the past four years on top of that.

So, if you've been waiting for me to do courses or services, you're in luck because they're in development. If interested, you can sign up for the newsletter on the form below to be among the first to know the latest information and know about exclusive content and more. 

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Or, if you would rather learn from my mentor and friend Pat Flynn, I highly recommend you check out his All-Access Pass.

The All-Access Pass gives you access to Pat's entire community and ALL of his courses. Yeah, I said ALL his courses. Plus, there are a wealth of other webinars, workshops, accelerators, and member-only events throughout the year. The community is filled with entrepreneurs from around the world in all different stages of the journey. It's unlike any other community out there.

Don't feel like you'd be offending me by joining Pat's community and learning rather than courses from me. 🙂 I won't hold any animosity or anything against you I'd rather see you succeed than be angry you didn't choose me.

If you can't tell I could literally sit here and write you a book about what I think of Pat and what I've learned and still learning from him and his insights. The All-Access Pass is definitely worth the investment for what you gain access to. Think of it like this: A multi-millionaire entrepreneur giving you access to his community, all of his courses, events throughout the year, his network of students like you, whom you can connect and network with and collaborate with, and more because they're always adding something new. It could change your life like you never imagined. 

That's why Pat Flynn. If you want to learn more about Pat you can check his website out here: https://smartpassiveincome.com/ 

# Team Flynn For The Win

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