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What is Raven Pontiac Media?

R.P.M is the all encompassing umbrella of all brands, content, products, & services offered by Andrew/Raven. Which include but not limited to books. courses. digital assets (countdown timers, overslays, & more), guides, handmade craftwork, memberships, & music. To learn more feel free to check out the about page or blog for more in-depth information, or reach out to 

What can R.P.M do for me?

R.P.M offers a variety of products and services that are geared towards helping you with beginning or advancing in content creation, & boosting your income as a side hustle or small business to achieve your preferred lifestyle. Check out the products and services list for everything offered by R.P.M.  Still have questions feel free to reach out at  

Who is Raven Pontiac?

Raven Pontiac aka Andrew Borst is a Legally Blind Native American  Multi-talented Artist and Entrepreneur. With a plethora of experience in many different fields and industries. Aiming to break barriers, around the Blind/Vision Impaired community through awareness, education, and inclusion. As a differently abled person who has firsthand experience understands the challenges faced by minorities. Want to learn more? Feel free to check out the about page or blog for a more in-depth look.  

What if I have no experience at all?

That's is perfectly fine, everyone starts from nothing at some point on everything we do. An with the variety of resources at R.P.M you can get started on your journey today! An you'll have tons of experience in no time. Everything is laid out in a way to make everything simple to learn, and get you fast results.  With over 25 years of content creation experience there is plenty you can learn here at R.P.M

When are courses coming out?

Courses are currently in the development phase do to recent changes on the different platforms including terms and conditions, features and more. Please check back on the home page for the latest course availability or sign up for the newsletter so you're among the first notified of the latest news and updates for R.P.M. 

How much do courses cost?

Course costs range from Free to $500+. R.P.M aims to make things affordable and help you progress along your journey. Want more info head on ovver to the products-services page.  You can also learn more by checking out the blog where there are posts to explain more about the courses. 

What if I'm not good at copywriting?

That's ok copyrighting is a skill that can be simple to learn. Ever wonder why commercials use the DIFFERENT TEXT like they do? << Just like that. That is a form of copyrighting, drawing attention to something important or informative to draw your attention to the message. You may already do this yourself an not even realize it when you post on social media. You can learn more about copyrighting and more here at R.P.M. Feel free to check out the products and services or if you have further questions feel free to reach out on social media or email

Where can I order the INCOME BOOSTER Book?

Currently INCOME BOOSTER is only available through the author here on this website, by placing an order by email. If you would like to learn more about the book you can head here. Or email

What if my product isn't a digital product?

That's ok if you're someone who makes or sells physical products I can show you a variety of different ways you can increase your income on and offline with your products. You will be surprised how simple some of the options are and how quickly you can start making money. Want to know more head on over to the products and services page for more info. Or email