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The company (“we, us”) have a strict return and refund policy.

By placing an order, making a purchase you agree to these terms and conditions herein.

Customers (“you”) agree to the following terms and conditions for a refund or return governed by this policy and any other terms and conditions set forth in the terms of use, disclaimers or other applicable policies relating to the granting of rights,  purchase, sale, download, use, broadcast/transmit, license of, digital or physical goods, &/or services.


This policy does not apply to third party sales platforms such as but not limited to eBay, etsy, spreadshop, shopify and other online platforms unless otherwise specified in the terms of use collectively or herein.


Any digital product such as but not limited to .pdf, mp3, mp4, .doc, .docx, epub, .mov, .avi, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .wmv, .wma, and other direct download file types are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If the customer has an issue with the digital product they are requested to contact the company as soon as possible, with a detailed description of the issue with the digital product, and provide sufficient proof as to damage/defect to attempt to remedy the underlying issue if possible through customer support.

In the event a digital product does meet sufficient proof of damage/defect a replacement or refund may be issued at the company discretion.

 Customers are responsible for ensuring the digital product is compatible with their devices prior to ordering/purchasing.

If a customer places an order for a digital product that is non-compatible with their device it will be considered intentional and it will not constitute sufficient cause for a refund, as there is no proof of damage/defect nor a sufficient way to ensure the customer has not attempted to/have commit fraud through violations of terms of use through unauthorized digital manipulation, alteration, editing, reproduction, broadcast/transmit or other means of unauthorized use, manipulation or reverse engineer of product(s).


Customers will have 14 days from date of receipt to request a return, in accordance with this policy and terms of use collectively.

A Return to Merchant Authorization is required for physical products purchased directly from the company (,, these do not include third-party platforms unless specifically stated.

These products will include pre-made items such as, Handmade Native American Chokers, Necklaces, Leather Pouches, Dancesticks, Warclubs, Hand Drums, Paintings, Beadwork, Books, Compact Discs (CD-R;s/DVD-R’s) & other items, made by the company in part or in whole, or items created by a third-party artist in part or in whole & certified by the company to be authentic and real to the best of the company ability to verify.

Upon authorization of return, customer will follow the instructions provided for return shipping and processing.

As follows, the customer will place the unopened/unused item(s) in a sufficient size and quality box to fit the item(s).

The customer will sufficiently secure a shipping label with the return address provided to the customer in correspondence, on the receipt or found on the website and herein.

Upon receiving the return the company, will process the item(s) they are received, this may take up to 3 business days, upon completion of intake prpcess of return customer will receive one of the following: a) Replacement item if damaged/defective/wrong size, b) Refund minus fifteen to twenty-five (15-25%) restocking fee based on product type as set forth in this policy.


Custom made to order items are subject to NO REFUND/RETURN company discretion based on the particular item. Such as made to order complete custom hand carved and painted wood work, stone work, and highly personalized detailed items. As made to order items are one of a kind, one off pieces and difficult to resell to non-original buyer/purchaser. Should you have a custom-made to order item that you for some reason would like to return please contact the company (,, Please be sure to include your name, email address associated with the order, as well as receipt information when contacting about the purchase this will assist in quicker response times.


Customer will pay return shipping on all returns.

Customer agree to follow the shipping instructions provided at the time of correspondence with customer service in the unlikely event this policy has not been updated to reflect the most current shipping address and procedures. As indicated in this policy.  


 Customers will be charged a restocking fee for all authorized returns. The restocking fee will be between fifteen and twenty-five percent (15-25%) of the product price. See the rate based on item type below in this policy.


  • Contact the company,,  (please allow up to 48-72 hours for email response)
  • US:(269)539-2685 please allow up to 24-48 hours for response to voicemail.
  • Explain/Describe problem, question or request give as much detail as possible. *Have your receipt handy*
  • Provide the information on your receipt to assist in verifying purchase, and order information. Such as order number, email address associated with order, billing & shipping information.
  • Classification of authorization approval needed. Such as a non-returnable, non-refundable, custom-made to order and etc. as outlined in this policy and the collective terms of use.
  • Approval/Denial of Authorization of Return/Refund.
  • Package unopened/unused item(s) in sufficient size & quality box, Label & Ship as instructed per item regulations demand, be sure labels are clearly visible and marked as instructed to ensure in accordance with postal regulations and safety laws, and quicker processing on return/refund .
  • Authorized items will be inspected by the company to ensure that return shipping instructions were followed, and begin processing of the item(s) for Refund/Return. 
  • Item(s) are further inspected upon removal of the shipping box. Further inspection if upopened/unused condition, any noticeable damage or defects.
  • Determination of refund/return. Based on correspondence with customer prior to received authorized return(s), condition of received package, followed instructions, product condition & so on as outlined in the policy.
  • One of the following may be a standard resolution or others may be offered not specifically stated in this policy as a resolution gesture from the company to the customer to attempt to resolve any issue(s).
  • Customer receives full-refund Waived restock-fee.
  • Customer receives refund minus restocking fee between fifteen and twenty-five percent (15-25%)
  • Customer receives product exchange/replacement
  • Customer is given store credit for future purchases.

Return Shipping Address:

Raven Pontiac Media L.L.C

5420 Beckley Rd., #365

Battle Creek, Mi  49015


In the event the customer ordered/purchased a pre-made item such as but not limited to Handmade Native American Chokers that don’t fit properly may contact the company to determine if an exchange or resizing is possible. *Please have information on receipt handy* to assist in quicker processing times.

Customer will provide the order number and other information relevant to the order/purchased item(s).

The company will determine if the item(s) can be exchanged for an available item closer in size, or if a resizing of the item is possible. In the event that an item(s) can be exchanced for an available item, the customer will pay  both return shipping and processing costs to the company. Meaning the item(s) being returned/exchanged from the customer and the additional shipping of the replacement/exchanged item(s), plus any processing and handling fees incurred by the company for the return/exchanged item(s). The customer further agrees that they will pay any difference in item(s) price as prices are not uniform on various sized and styled pre-made, handmade items.

The customer will be notified of any price differences and/or fees that will be associated with the return/exchange prior to an authorization of return. If the company determines that there is any discrepancy between the initial price difference & fees quote at the time of return authorization and the item(s) arrival/inspection & processing of return/exchange the customer will be notified of any differences and their respective options available to them. For example, Item(s) arrive and available replacement is $1 higher in price, the incurred shipping & processing fees quote is $7.95. Which would result in an additional $8.95 cost to the customer, however if the shipping & processing fee were to increase for reasons outside of the company control such as rate increases. Example continue. Original quote of $1 price difference and increased shipping & processing fee $10.95 would be an additional cost of $11.95. The company will notify the customer prior to any final processing of payments until authorized by the customer. 

The company may at its discretion pay the additional difference from original quoted fee estimate cost but is in no way obligated to pay any partial or full-payment for customer shipping and processing fees. The customer is solely responsible for all shipping and processing costs associated with their order/purchase.

Should the customer no longer wish to continue exchange do to additional shipping cost & processing fees, they may have the following options available at the company discretion:

  • Receive a full-refund for the item(s) received for the exchange waived restocking fee at company discretion.
  • Receive a refund for the item(s) minus any restocking fee applicable to the item(s) received for the exchange.
  • Receive a company credit for future order/purchase in accordance with this policy and terms and conditions set forth in the terms of use collectively herein.


The company reserves the right to refuse any and all packages containing a order/purchased item(s) that did not attempt or file a request of Authorization of Merchant Return by any means available to them beit email, phone, social media, or other available means of communication with the company in part or in whole. All packages without a Authorization of Merchant Return will be refused and returned to the sender at the senders expense. Should any cost or fee be incurred by the company for an unauthorized return package(s), item(s), the costumer agrees and acknowledges that they are responsible to reimburse/repay any fees/expense incurred to the company.

The customer further agrees and acknowledge the customer will be billed the amount in full owed to the company for any incurred charges. The company will attempt to contact the customer whom is listed on the package label or information that may be contained in the package if any is provided.

The company reserves the right to attempt to collect the debt for any incurred fee/expense incurred for unauthorized returns

Including but not limited to arbitration or small claims court at the company discretion pursuant to applicable law.


The items listed below are an example of the types of products and the respective restocking fee percentages associated with authorized returns. These percentages are subject to change without notice as noted herein and collectively the terms of use. The items listed may not be an entire product list these are as examples only.


Pre-made Native American Choker (15%)

Pre-made Native American Necklace (15%)

Pre-made Native American Leather Pouch (15%)

Pre-made Native American Hand Drum (20%)

Pre-made Native American Dancestick (20%)

Pre-made Walking Stick (20%)

Pre-made Beadwork (15%)

Pre-made Woodwork (20%)

Pre-made Stonework (25%)

Pre-made Dreamcatchers (25%)

Paintings (20%)

CD-R/DVD-R’s (15%)


In the event a Custom / Made to order item is authorized for a return. The item will incur the twenty-five percent (25%) restocking fee unless waived by the company.

Custom/Made to Order – Warclub (25%)

Custom/Made to Order – Dancestick (25%)

Custom/Made to Order – Hand Drum (25%)

Custom/Made to Order – Choker (25%)

Custom/Made to Order – Necklace (25%)

Custom/Made to Order – Beadwork (25%)

Custom/Made to Order – Woodwork (25%)

Custom/Made to Order – Stonework (25%)

Other Custom/Made to Order items made by the company or a third party artist certified as authentic to the best of the ability of the company to verify such authenticity.

Some third part items may be Non-returnable/Non-refundable any items this applies to will be clearly indicated on the item listing/description. Customers hereby agree and acknowledge that the item indicated as such third party non-returnable/non-refundable is/are all sales final no refunds, no returns, & no exchanges will be authorized. By placing an order/making a purchase the customer is acknowledging to agree to these terms and conditions herein and collectively the terms of use in whole.

EFFECTIVE: March 21, 2024