December 21, 2023

This week, my mentor Pat conducted webinars addressing business and community topics. During one of the sessions, I questioned Pat about his choice of utilizing platforms like Teachable, Circle, and ConvertKit for his B2B approach instead of hosting everything in-house on his website. Pat's response emphasized the benefits of focusing on customers and business, leaving infrastructure development and legal compliance to specialized services.

Reflecting on this, I realized I've been making things unnecessarily complex for myself. I initially planned to revamp my websites to meet accessibility compliance requirements, host a storefront, courses, and digital products. However, considering the legal and functional demands, I now understand the advantages of using external services.

Managing three websites, each with distinct niches, involves meeting legal requirements for functionality and design. Adding e-commerce for digital and physical products introduces more complexities and legal obligations. Furthermore, incorporating courses, a storefront, and payment setups amplifies these challenges. Constantly changing privacy laws and payment processor regulations further complicate the landscape.

External services like Teachable and ConvertKit handle development, maintenance, and compliance with laws and regulations. While there's a fee, it ultimately saves time and money compared to developing, maintaining, and ensuring compliance independently. This shift in perspective prompts me to redirect projects for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Choosing a simpler route aligns with the "Keep It Simple Stupid" (KISS) method. It's about evaluating what's more straightforward and cost-effective, not just for me but also for potential customers. Instead of investing time and money in complex website setups, I'm now leaning towards external services. This not only frees up time but may even offset costs through referral or affiliate programs.

This experience serves as a reminder to follow the KISS method, emphasizing simplicity over unnecessary complexity. Regardless of experience level, it's easy to overthink and complicate matters. I encourage others to consider the simpler route, not just for their businesses but also for the ease of managing them.

I hope you find this insight valuable. Thank you for reading and your ongoing support.

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