March 29, 2024

Silicone Bakeware set with text that says, bake like a pro with our seasy to use ilicone bakeware set. with classic cuisine

Functional, stylish, and designed for the ultimate cooking experience, the BLU Silicone Bakeware Set by Classic Cuisine is a versatile 18-piece collection that caters to all your baking needs. Crafted with precision and innovation, this baking set takes the hassle out of baking and brings an array of vibrant colors to your kitchen. In this review, we'll delve into the features and benefits that make this silicone bakeware set a must-have for both amateur and experienced bakers alike.

Functional Design for Effortless Baking:

One of the standout features of the Silicone Bakeware Set is its non-stick and flexible design. No more struggling to remove cakes or muffins intact; the silicone material ensures easy release and transfer of your baked goods without any damage. This flexibility also makes it ideal for a variety of recipes, from delicate pastries to hearty bread.

Ultimate Cooking Experience:

The durability of this baking set is truly remarkable. Microwaveable, oven-safe, freezer-safe, and dishwasher-friendly, it covers all bases for a seamless cooking experience. Whether you're making bread, cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, pies, chocolate, fondant, or party favors for special occasions like birthdays and baby showers, this bakeware set has you covered. Additionally, it's perfect for cooking foods prone to sticking, such as french fries or fish.

Silicone Bakeware set stacked on top of each other after unboxing


Easy to Use:

The brightly colored bakeware not only adds a pop of vibrancy to your kitchen but also enhances functionality. The set is designed to fit perfectly in your oven; simply place on a cookie sheet, fill, and bake following your recipe instructions. The smooth, nonstick surface ensures easy release – just press on the base, and your baked goods pop out effortlessly, leaving no residue behind.

Safe and Durable Material:

Crafted from 100% food-grade silicone, this bakeware set prioritizes safe cooking and durability. The material is BPA-free, flexible, and of top-quality, ensuring it stands up to regular use. The temperature tolerance range from -40 to 450F (-40 to 230C) makes it versatile for various recipes. Stain-resistant and completely dishwasher safe, cleaning is a breeze, allowing you to focus on creating delicious treats.

Set Includes:

  • 12 Cupcake Molds (3 Red, 3 Blue, 3 Yellow, 3 Green)
  • 16-inch Cookie Sheet Mat
  • 10-inch Pie Pan
  • 9-inch Round Pan
  • 12 Cup Muffin Pan
  • 9.5-inch Bundt Pan
  • 9-inch Bread Pan
  • Set Color: Red

Stylish and Functional:

Beyond its functional features, the BLU Silicone Bakeware Set also adds a touch of style to your kitchen. The availability of multiple colors allows you to choose a set that complements your kitchen decor and personal taste.

Silicone Baking Pan Molds Round, Bundt etc.


The Classic Cuisine Silicone Bakeware, 18-Piece Set, is a game-changer for any home baker. With its functional design, durability, and vibrant colors, it makes baking a joyous experience. Whether you're a baking enthusiast or just starting out baking, this set provides the tools you need for a successful and enjoyable baking journey.

One thing to note, when baking with this set you will need to experiment with proportions as ingredients expand they may not have the desired appearance if over-filled. For example, when making cupcakes or muffins many people are use to metal pans and filling to near max capacity. With silicone the capacity varies instead of filling to max capacity leave space for expansion to get the nice appealing muffin tops, cupcakes and etc.

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