November 29, 2023

Bozho (Hello) Welcome to Raven Pontiac Media LLC.

This site is intended to serve multiple purposes.

I hope to provide you with a variety of topics such as ways to make money from home, resources and tools for your entrepreneurial journey, insights into Native American culture, history and language, as well as product recommendations and much more.

You may recognize me from a variety of different platforms as well as the host of multiple blogs similar to this such as my other sites All Nations Warriors Society: https://www.allnationswarriors.com & Consult A Blind Guy: https://www.consultablindguy.com

Where I try to focus more on the specifics of their niche's Indigenous culture & more as well as resources for the blind and vision impaired such as accessibility, organizations for assistance and more.

Here though I plan to focus more on the entrepreneurial journey, resources and etc. with the occasional post on the other topics. 

This site will also serve as the primary hub for the various products and services I offer. Such as digital and physical products, like Ppaperback & E-books, Guides & Templates, Music, Video production, Courses, Handmade Dreamcatchers and much more. 

Currently in the process of setting up the shop, in the meantime you can find the variety of products and services through Etsy, Facebook, Fiverr, Spreadshop and on the homepage. I will post an update once the shop is done being set up and things are available. 

I am by no means an expert web designer or developer, learning as I go. So please bare with me while I build things out. 

I am also currently going through an accessibility course to improve the accessibility of all 3 of my sites to ensure compliance with the ADA & WCAG. I am legally blind myself so I understand the importance of this needing to be done. If you notice any issues please feel free to let me know so I can work on improving the site. 

Thanks for visiting and for your support.

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