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About  R.P.M

Raven Pontiac Media is an all encompassing umbrella for everything by Andrew/Raven. To have a central location for everything and to have a location for other content that does not fit the other brand niche's. R.P.M. provides a variety of different content types, as well as products and services to assist those who wish to pursure content creation or building wealth as an entrepreneur striving to gain their preferred lifestyle. Learn more a bit about Andrew/Raven Below. 

About Me

Hi,I'm  Andrew/Raven

I'm a Legally Blind Native American, Multi-Talented Artist & Entrepreneur.

I have over 28 years of experience as a video content creator and counting. 20 years of which have been on YouTube. 

15 years of music production and counting. 15 years in retail.  8 years of service to the United States Marine Corps. 

5 years as a Volunteer Firefighter & EMT. 5 years in Marketing/Telemarketing. 3 Years of Door-to-Door Sales.    

I aim to break barriers and stereotypes about the Blind/Vision Impaired and Indigenous communities.

As people who are disabled, we have many different experiences and skills that can be beneficial to society.

I share my knowledge and experience in the different fields I have personal firsthand experience in to help others who wish to pursue their goals of being a content creator or entrepreneur building wealth to live their preferred lifestyle.

Want to learn more about me? 

Keep an eye on the blog, as more will be posted there. Thanks for visiting & supporting Raven Pontiac Media LLC