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The company may from time to time acquire a consignment item or other agreement with a third party artist.

These artists may include but are not limited to Federally Recognized Tribal Citizens, State/Historical Recognized Tribal Citizens, Non-Indigenous artists.

Items created by a federal, state, historic tribal citizen will be identified as such in the item/product listing/description.

These artists may or may not provide a Certificate of Authenticity with the item/product. In either case the company claims no liability for the artist to provide a certificate.

The company will in its sole discretion and interest do its best to confirm the validity of tribal citizen status as best as possible.

The company may itself issue a Certificate of Authenticity for the product at its discretion with the relevant information provided by the artist and certified as best as possible by the company to be true and accurate to the best of of its knowledge.

The company in no way is liable for any false, inaccurate, or incomplete information provided by the third party artist. Nor is the company liable for any claims or other information made by the third party artist they are solely the views, opinions, of the artist and not of the company or any owner, employee, affiliate or partner of the company and in now way should be construed as such.

Third party artists may or may not have their own refund or return policies. If this is the case the company will make this information available in the listing/description of the item/.product.

Any policy of the third party artist is the supreme rule and will over-rule the company policies where applicable, based on the agreement between the artist and company.

As such the company policy may stand in supreme rule over the artist policy based on the agreement of the company and  individual artist. The ruling policy will be clearly stated in the item/product description.

By placing an order/making a purchase, the customer acknowledges and  agrees to the terms set forth herein and throughout the collective terms of use of the company.  

Effective March 21, 2024