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Raven Pontiac Media

(Kagakshi Obwandiyag Meznebye'get ( Loosely Translated Raven Pontiac Art)

I provide reliable, affordable products & services for everyone.

Books, Courses, Guides, Handmade Art, Music, & More 


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What i do

I provide comprehensive resources to empower individuals in establishing and advancing their entrepreneurial endeavors. Through sharing my personal experiences, I aim to inspire and guide you along your entrepreneurial journey.

Whether initiating you into entrepreneurship or seeking avenues for additional income, I offer curated products and services. These are designed to facilitate a swift and cost-effective initiation, drawing from both proprietary creations and products that I have personally tested, used and endorse.


It's so simple that a kid can do it.

Easy to understand, straight to the point.

Multiple learning styles. Audio only, Videos, Books, & one on one, or All of them.  


You won't find better rates anywhere.

I aim to ensure you get your value out of your buck. 


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why i do it

I’ve been there

Drawing from personal experience, I understand the challenges associated with seeking financial independence, particularly in the context of visual impairment. My own journey, as someone legally blind, has been a testament to the potential for individuals facing vision-related obstacles to contribute meaningfully to society.

Navigating the complexities of initiating a venture required addressing a myriad of concerns, such as identifying a suitable path, assessing initial costs, understanding relevant government regulations, and navigating applicable laws. In my pursuit, I was fortunate to find mentors who not only assisted in overcoming these challenges but also evolved into enduring friendships beyond the conventional student-mentor dynamic.

This journey has instilled in me a profound belief in the transformative power of mentorship and guidance. I am driven to share the knowledge acquired over an extended period, recognizing the invaluable role mentors played in my own development. By offering support, I aim to spare others the extended periods of trial and error that characterized my own path.

In essence, my commitment to assisting others stems from a desire to streamline their journey, providing insights and solutions that may not be immediately apparent. It is with this motivation that I extend my services, leveraging my experiences to alleviate the time and effort associated with the pursuit of essential answers. I am here to guide and support you on your path, based on the lessons learned during my own unique and challenging journey.


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Whether you're a stay at home mom, college student, retiree, unemployed, or tired of your current job, or looking  to make money part time.

This book is packed with opportunities, helpful tips and resources for you to make an income you can be happy with and have more free time.

Many of these require no experience before getting started, and some have requirements that can be done in a short time.

These don't require you to have a ton of money to get started and, in some cases, no money needed at all to get started.

You will be surprised by the number of opportunities packed into this one book.  

You wont be disappointed.

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I want to bring innovation

My objective is to catalyze innovation within the business landscape, departing from conventional practices characterized by stagnation. I aspire to transcend the confines of routine operations, striving to augment accessibility on diverse digital platforms. Regardless of whether you engage through a computer, smartphone, or tablet, my aim is to optimize your user experience and furnish the requisite resources essential for success on your entrepreneurial journey.


What they say

Lauren Wheatley

lAUREN Wheatley

Author - Content Creator

Andrew offers a friendly safe place to go to for advice whether it be for the blind/vip community tech problems or starting and growing your brand. It shows that he draws from a lot of experience but will ask for help or research the issue if he’s not certain he has the best answer. Great person serving the blind/vip community.


Nicole  Wheatley

Author - Content Creator

A good listener and helpful ally. Willing to help even in matters he knows nothing about. His goal is for everyone to succeed ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.

Rodeline Jerome


Thank you so so much Andrew! You've no idea how much you help today!
I had only 20 email subscribers on my list and now with your help, I have 780 emails!
Great job man!  God bless you


diana aRT


Andrew at Consult a Blind Guy has given me a lot of help with the many aspects of content creation as a Youtuber. He often goes above and beyond to help with any question or tech issues our community has. He’s very attentive to helping the community he serves. I’ve gotten help with content creation strategies, tech issues, as well as the business side of Youtube. And when he helps with an issue he is very thorough, most often making a video to answer our questions. I highly recommend his business services!


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